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Sescom SES-NLPB-5 SpeakON Parallel Splitter Audio Box NL8 to Four NL4 Chassis Connectors

A simple sound rig solution from Sescom used to split four channels from an audio power amplifier to 2 audio channel pairs. This passive, rugged box features Neutrik SpeakON NL8 and NL4 connectors for an extremely reliable locking interface.

Note: Using this splitter will present a different impedance to your amplifier output - typically half of the original impedance. Check the output on your amp or refer to your owner's manual to be sure the amplifier is able to properly drive speaker load requirement.


  • Heavy Duty Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing
  • Neutrik SpeakON Locking Connector System
  • Airtight Design Optimized for Speaker Applications
  • Threaded Rig Mounting


  • Input Chassis Connector: 1-NL8MPR
  • Output Chassis Connectors: 4-NL4MP
  • Rated Current: 30A rms
  • Audio Signal Current: 40A
  • Rated Insolation Voltage: 250VAC
  • Lifetime = ≥ 5000 Mating Cycles


  • 1 Year

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