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Sescom SES-43DB-MZ2XJ 3.5mm TRS to XLR with 43dB Pad DSLR Attenuating Line to Mic Level Cable - 18 in

Sescom's padded XLR line output to mic level input cables solve audio level compatibility problems when interfacing mixers, recorders and similar audio gear with DSLR and professional cameras. The cable features Canare two-conductor shielded cable assembled with a slim profile Switchcraft 3.5mm stereo plug and two Neutrik XLR female plugs. Inside the Sescom SES-43DB-MZ2P is where the magic happens as Sescom's exclusive circuitry on both audio channels reduces professional 2-volt line level audio signals by 43dB to match the "sweet spot" of an unbalanced microphone level input. Its sleek low profile design avoids clunky inline attenuators that can produce heavy strain on the cameras mic input connector.


  • Flexible Cable
  • XLR Line Output to Mic Level Input
  • High Quality Switchcraft and Neutrik Connectors Ensure Reliability
  • Compatible with the following DSLR cameras
  • Canon: EOS 5D Mark II, III, IV, EOS 7D, EOS 550D Rebel T2i, EOS 60D, EOS 600d rebel t3i
  • Nikon: D7000, D300S


  • Attenuation: 43dB
  • Canare Two Conductor Shielded Cable
  • Switchcraft 3.5MM (1/8" mini) Stereo Plug
  • Neutrik XLR NC3FX-B Female 3 Pin Connectors

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