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CAT5e Tactical Ethernet Cable Neutrik EC8 - RJ45 Plug 1.5 Foot Black

Developed for any application requiring heavy-duty CAT5e Ethernet cable deployment, the EC8-RJ45 series features Belden 7923a DataTuff Twisted pair cable, with a ProShell CAT5e connector boot on one end to protect its locking tab, and a professional Neutrik EtherCON NE8MC RJ45 connector on the other.

RJ45 connectors are commonly used in the stage world, creating the need for a road-worthy RJ style Ethernet cable. The patented ProShell converts a conventional RJ45 connector into a robust connector solution capable of repeated connections while maintaining mechanical and electrical integrity. This is the only solution available that doesn't require specialized connectors at both ends - ProShell can be used with standard hardware.

Neutrik's EtherCON has a rugged diecast shell and unique chuck type strain relief which protects Ethernet connections in a variety of broadcast & commercial applications, and is designed to prevent fragile component breakage common to standard RJ 45 connectors.

EC8-RJ45 series Ethernet cables are Ideal for use with video and audio CAT5e extenders on set, in the field or anywhere a heavy-duty CAT5e to Neutrik EtherCON cable is needed.


  • Manufactured with Premium Components
  • Connector Withstands Repeated Connections & Mainstains Mechanical & Electrical Integrity
  • Ideal for Use with Video & Audio CAT5e Extenders


  • Belden 7923a Cat5e DataTuff Twisted Pair Cable
  • 24AWG Bonded-Pairs Solid Bare Copper Conductors
  • Polyolefin Insulation
  • Sunlight & oil-Resistant PVC Jacket
  • Neutrik EtherCON RJ45 Connector

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